We can only piece together bits of history about The Yorkshireman from customers.

But we think the story goes that it was originally called The Railway Tavern, I guess on account of its closeness to Rugeley Trent Valley Station! It did do accommodation but we couldn’t comment on what level of luxuriousness this was. It became known as Wilf and Rosa’s Tavern and from the few bits of information we have Rosa was quite a character – piecing together the stories I have this image of a wild haired, bare footed gypsy looking woman who enjoyed a good night!

I have stories of customers coming down to the pub in their school uniform from the local, now gone, grammar school and enjoying the pubs atmosphere. An hostilerie where farmers mingled with soldiers with sawdust and straw on the floor. I have this romantic vision of opening the door (which would have been at the front then) and being sucked into a roaring party!
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I’m sure people can put me right and if you have any stories of the pubs past, please get in touch!

This is where I can’t find out too much, but I gather the pub was bought by a Yorkshireman who in honour of his heritage renamed it! Our great friends Chris and Maggie Hine had the pub in the eighties and knowing those pair I’m sure many a good night went on into the early hours whilst they were at the helm.

We bought the pub in July 2007 and opened in November. The kitchen is run by Head Chef Dan Evans alongside his team which includes Dawn Keeling, Jimmy Bland and Harriet Lowe.  Our kitchen team us all locally sourced produce with our meat supplied by Bradshaws of Chasetown butchers.

This is complemented by our local beer brewed by Blythe Brewery, just up the road at Hamstall Ridware. The most popular is Palmers Poison, named after Rugeley’s famous serial murderer Dr Palmer, who poisoned many of his patients. Our lager is brewed just up the road in Abbots Bromley “Freedom Brewery” we stock Freedom 4 and Freedom Pilsner.

The restaurant is managed by Rachael Dynda, who joined us on our opening night as a sixteen year old trainee waitress; 10 years on she is now running the place! Assisted by many “locally sourced” part time staff.
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